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The End-to-End Solution for E-Commerce

Profits and Global Expansion for Brands

GISE empowers businesses to succeed in the digital realm.

We leverage our expertise and provide tailored guidance to help our clients boost their online-offline sales and expand their operations.

Why Choose GISE Consultancy?

Expert Knowledge

Benefit from our deep understanding of online selling.


Customized Help

Get advice personalized for your business to sell more online.


Partnering for Success

Work with us to make your online business the best it can be.


How We Grow Your Business?

Optimizing Conversion Rates

Enhancing user experience for an easy and enjoyable customer journey.

Product Selection Expertise

Helping you identify profitable products and expand your product range in relevant markets.

Maximizing Profitability

Creating a growth roadmap to boost your business profits.

GISE’s Path to your Roadmap for Global E-Commerce Success

1. Analysis

Assess strengths, and weaknesses, define e-export needs.

2. Target Market Research

Identifying target countries, establishing a growth strategy.

3. In-Depth Market Analysis

Develop a custom strategy based on trends, pricing analysis, audience, and competition.

4. Brand and Corporate Identity Design

Create distinct visuals and messaging with a brand story for your audience.

5. Logistics

The planning of shipping methods, inventory management, and effective fulfillment of orders.

6. Marketing Strategy

Leveraging strategy to attract and retain customers effectively.

7. E-Commerce Strategy &
Business Development

Developing a sales-oriented growth strategy for the target market.

8. Online & Offline Stores

Strategically establishing an presence with attractive displays.

9. Optimization

Identifying criteria to analyze, and adapting strategies for ongoing success.


Ecommerce Platforms & Tools we work with

Dealing with E-commerce Challenges?

Every challenge is unique, but perhaps we already have the solution. Let’s tackle it head-on! Schedule your Free Strategy Call now and let’s find the right solution together.

Key Global E-Commerce Growth Statistics for 2023

Mobile E-Commerce Sales

2.2 trillion $
In 2023 mobile e-commerce sales reached
Making up of all e-commerce sales worldwide

Top Reasons for Shopping Online

The primary reasons include lower prices
Free shipping

Consumer Reviews and Purchase Decisions

Consumers globally check reviews online before making purchases
Start their buyer journey search from Amazon

Mobile E-Commerce Revenue Share

Mobile accounts
Global e-commerce revenue, while desktop accounts

Global E-Commerce Sales and Market Share

Online sales are expected to reach trillion in 2023
With e-commerce taking
Across all industries, cart abandonment rates average

Importance of Customer Experience

Customers value a strong shopping experience more than price

Join the thriving E-Commerce market, projected to grow from USD 8.80 trillion in 2024 to USD 18.81 trillion by 2029, at a 15.80% CAGR. Capitalize on increasing global smartphone use and internet reach to expand your business in this rapidly growing digital marketplace.

Our Approach

Unlocking E-Commerce Success with 5 Key Metrics:

Elevate your online store's performance by focusing on essential metrics—sessions, conversion rate, orders, average order value, and revenue. Our tailored recommendations aim to boost these pivotal metrics, ensuring tangible ROI, heightened customer satisfaction, and the attainment of award-worthy results.

Success Stories

AGULA’s Market Mastery: Nurturing Parenthood with The Mommy Baby Bag

BEILA’s E-Commerce Triumph: Empowering Millennial Women in Fashion


Ready to unlock your brand's untapped potential?

Let's shape your success story together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our diverse services, including Target Markets Research, In-Depth Market Analysis, Brand Design, E-Commerce Strategy, Private Label Design, Business Development, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, and Pricing Analysis.

Elevate your business with insights from Target Markets Research, identifying your audience, understanding their preferences, and staying attuned to market trends for strategic decision-making.

In-Depth Market Analysis is your key to effective positioning, competitive landscape understanding, and differentiation. Harness strategic insights for a powerful market presence.

Craft a unique identity with our Brand Design services, encompassing logo design, color palettes, and visual elements to build recognition and trust, setting you apart in the competitive market.

Unleash the full potential of your online presence with E-Commerce Strategy. Ensure a user-friendly website, impactful digital marketing, and streamlined operations for an enhanced customer experience.

Elevate your offerings with Private Label Design, creating exclusive products that reflect your brand identity. Foster loyalty and stand out from competitors with unique, branded products.

Empower your growth with Business Development. Identify opportunities, form strategic partnerships, and expand your business for scalable success in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Stay ahead in e-commerce with Market Research and Competitor Analysis. Understand your customers, market trends, and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses for informed decision-making.

Optimize your pricing strategy with Pricing Analysis. Attract customers with competitive pricing while ensuring profitability for a sustainable, successful business.

Navigate the e-commerce landscape confidently with our tailored solutions for new businesses. We guide market entry, brand development, and a step-by-step plan for a smooth journey to online success.

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