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Ebay UK Abolishes Fashion Selling Fees for Pre-Worn Clothing

eBay UK has announced that it is eliminating selling fees for pre-owned clothing starting today, 8 April, in an effort to boost fashion listings on the platform. This fee removal also applies to items that were already listed before today.

This decision was driven by eBay’s survey of 2,000 UK adults, revealing that 92% have at least one piece of clothing they haven’t worn in the past year, but only 25% sell their unwanted clothes.

Kirsty Keoghan, eBay’s global fashion general manager, stated, “By encouraging more people to buy and sell pre-loved clothing, we’ll keep more clothes out of landfill as we collectively enable a circular economy for fashion.”

This initiative comes after rival platform Depop removed its selling fees in March. Starting 15 April, Depop will implement buyers’ fees, which will include up to 5% of the purchase price plus a fixed amount of up to £1, excluding taxes and postage costs.

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