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Evaluation of e-export readiness and due diligence

Brand Analysis

We assess your brand's position in international markets and explore competitive advantages and ways to increase brand awareness. This is done by highlighting your brand's strengths and identifying strategies to improve any weaknesses.

Product Analysis

We examine how your products match the demands and preferences of international markets and identify potential adaptation or development requirements. This analysis provides strategic insights on how to position your products in your target markets.

Sales Channels Analysis

We determine the most suitable sales channels for e-export and evaluate the performance of your existing channels. By developing a multi-channel sales strategy, we aim to maximize the international reach of your brand.

Target Audience Analysis

We identify potential customer segments in your target markets and analyze their shopping habits and preferences. This information is used to make your marketing and advertising strategies more effective.

This analysis process creates a solid foundation to maximize your brand’s e-export potential and succeed in international markets. We elaborate these analyses to comprehensively understand your company’s current situation and take strategic steps accordingly.



Frequently Asked Questions

Brand analysis helps you understand your business's strengths, weaknesses, and competitive position in international markets. This is critical when making strategic decisions and developing your brand positioning.

Factors include brand awareness, brand image, customer loyalty, competitive advantages, and the brand's potential in international markets.

Your product's quality, pricing, level of demand in target markets, compliance with local regulations, and comparison with competitive products.

Product analysis is done using various methods such as market research, customer feedback, competitive analysis, and SWOT analysis.

Identifying the right sales channels is essential to effectively deliver your products to target customers and maximize your sales.

Various sales channels should be evaluated, such as online marketplaces, your e-commerce site, social media platforms, and digital marketing channels.

It is important to understand your target audiences, their needs, and preferences, and to shape your marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

Target audience analysis is done by collecting and analyzing data such as demographic information, shopping habits, social media, and internet usage.

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