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Whoppah Expands Second-Hand Design Marketplace to France

Whoppah, a marketplace specializing in second-hand design items and art, has launched its operations in France. This Dutch-based company has already established its presence in Belgium and Germany, and is now setting its sights on a pan-European expansion.

Offering a variety of furniture and decorative pieces, Whoppah aims to fuse sustainability with elegant living. As the self-proclaimed largest online platform for second-hand design in Europe, Whoppah anticipates attracting a significant number of new participants, both buyers and sellers, with its entry into the French market. Founders Thomas Bunnik and Evelien Bunnik-Remmelts believe that the company is poised for swift growth following extensive investments in a scalable platform.

Regarding the launch in France, Evelien Bunnik-Remmelts commented on the benefits it brings, including a broader market and a richer diversity of styles on their platform. She emphasized that the move is crucial to Whoppah’s goal of becoming a leading pan-European design marketplace.

Whoppah has noted a consistent increase in French traffic to its website over the years, with thousands of French sellers now active on the platform. The company forecasts reaching a multimillion-euro sales volume in France next year. Following its debut in Germany early in 2023, Whoppah has already achieved substantial financial success there.

The surge in online second-hand sales across Europe, especially in fashion and technology, has also been a boon for Whoppah. The company’s focus on sustainability aligns with the growing consumer trend toward eco-friendly and cost-effective shopping choices, mirroring the success seen in Amazon’s second-hand market, which has escalated to a billion-euro enterprise.

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