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Childhood Friends Merging Powers:
A Team Forged from a Lifelong Bond


Selin Seko

Co-Founder of GISE, Selin Seko, is a multifaceted brand strategist with over 10 years in Marketing/PR, Brand and Operations Management. Her career spans significant roles, including being the Public Relations Manager at, where she pioneered the innovative Sample Box Marathon campaign, and contributing effectively to communication strategies at Sevan Bıçakçı Jewellery. Selin as an entrepreneur, co-founded Vetro Studios, venturing into real estate and establishing a high-end accommodation at the heart of Istanbul. She’s also a proud alumna of Saint Benoit French High School and Koç University, where she majored in Business Administration and minored in Visual Arts. At GISE, she applies her rich expertise to navigate clients through the ever-evolving e-commerce sector. 

Gizem Bulut Sarıoğlu

Through her career spanning fashion and e-commerce, she has held pivotal roles in brand and product management at and, where she led brand development and e-commerce optimization. Her experience as a Product Manager at Morhipo and subsequent strategic role in international business development at Boyner, especially with the Zalando project, significantly enhanced Boyner’s global presence. Her educational background, which includes a diploma from Saint Benoit French High School and a degree in International Relations from Koç University, has greatly enhanced her ability to understand the dynamics of global markets. This combination of practical experience and education has successfully enabled her to navigate the competitive fashion and e-commerce sectors. Gizem, a distinguished co-founder of GISE, persistently leverages her extensive experience within the e-commerce sector to provide exemplary service to brands and clients in branding. 

Why Choose GISE Consultancy?

Expert Knowledge

Expert Knowledge

Benefit from our deep
understanding of online selling.

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Customized Help

Customized Help

Get advice personalized for your
business to sell more online.

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Partnering for Success

Partnering for Success

Work with us to make your online
business the best it can be.

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Years of

Our Mission

We’re committed to fostering your online business triumph. Collaborating closely, we don’t just advise; we co-create actionable plans that fuel the growth and success of your business.

Core Values

Compassionate Engagement

Our approach centers on empathy and understanding, ensuring every decision we make strengthens our bond with clients, partners, and customers, fostering deep, meaningful relationships.

Unwavering Integrity

Authenticity is at the heart of our identity. Count on us for transparency and responsibility in every interaction, as we uphold a standard of honesty in all our endeavors.

Pursuit of Excellence

Challenges are opportunities for us to excel. Our seasoned team combines expertise and innovation to surpass expectations and consistently deliver outstanding results. We're dedicated to excellence in all we do.

How We Grow Your Business?

Elevating Conversion Mastery

Crafting seamless and engaging customer journeys to optimize every interaction.

Strategic Product Sourcing & Expansion

Guiding you to discover lucrative products and strategically broaden your market reach.

Profit Enhancement Blueprint

Designing dynamic growth strategies focused on elevating your business's bottom line.

Dealing with E-commerce Challenges?

Every challenge is unique, but perhaps we already have the solution. Let's tackle it head-on! Schedule your Free Strategy Call now and let's find the right solution together.

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