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E-Export Support Guide from the Ministry of Trade

The Ministry of Trade’s E-Export and Digital Marketing department has prepared a guide for companies that want to e-export for 2024 or are considering taking new steps in this field. This guide shows step by step how companies and cooperating organizations can benefit from e-export supports. In particular, it was created in line with the Presidential Decree No. 5986 dated August 20, 2022 and the circulars published based on this decree.

The Guide provides guidance for e-export support applications, taking into account the E-Export Support Decree No. 5986 and the relevant circulars. It also includes the circular amendments made on October 16, 2023, so applicants should take into account the current changes in the legislation. 

As Prof. Dr. Ömer Bolat, Minister of Trade, stated in the introduction of the guide, the Ministry offers various supports to meet the needs of the e-commerce ecosystem and promote e-exports. These supports aim to achieve Turkey’s goal of increasing e-exports to 10% by 2028. These supports include various activities such as online promotion of Turkish products in foreign markets, fast fulfillment of orders, creation of E-Export Consortia and Turkey E-Export Platform.

The general purpose of e-export supports is to help companies and cooperating organizations prepare for e-export, facilitate the promotion and sale of Turkish products abroad, and support the transition from B2B to B2C. Through these supports, companies can receive assistance in areas such as digital marketplaces, order fulfillment, and online retailing.

All in all, this guide from the Ministry of Trade is an important resource for companies looking to e-export. These supports, which will facilitate companies’ e-export processes and increase their competitiveness in global markets, will contribute to Turkey becoming an international player in e-commerce.

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